ProSimPlus a software engineering of flexibility  is to perform accurate mass and energy to the whole wide of the energy industry  possible.   
The program is also designed  for operation of power plants  to optimize the performance of units troubleshooting or debottlenecking or  reconstruction or to analyze engineering is also used. The most important work of this program is chemical simulation of process engineering and property modeling. 

ProSimPlus Features and Features:

  • Various types of nitrogen (CSTR PFR etc.) with an extensive library of chemical reaction models instantaneous zinc kinetic reaction Controlled sophisticated .
  • Medium and or DLL’s column possible reaction for distillation absorption and or stripping multistage   
  • Several separate steps for  liquid-liquid extraction
  • Separate steps with model transfer – non- step equilibrium (optional)
  • Heat Liquid multi- shift converters of heat Page ballet )
  • Equipment for the treatment of solid (storage facilities filter ,  …)

Installation guide

  1. First install the Component.exe.
  2. Then install ProSimPlus & ProSimPlus.exe.
  3. Run patch.exe.
  4. Rename the PROSIMWD.DLL file in windowssystem32 to PROSIMWD.OLD.
  5. Run Files.exe.
  6. Run ProSim. A page will open for you.
  7. Enter the name: 33C0-LAVTEAM
    Password: 1F944DA8-3FB16C64-269FB987-80776907.

This version only installs and activates in Windows XP.

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