Proteus Professional 8.11 SP0 Build 30052 Free Download
Proteus Professional

Proteus Professional 8.11 SP0 Build 30052 Free Download


Proteus Professional software is one of the best and most powerful programs for designing electrical circuits and simulating MicroProcessors or microprocessors and microcontrollers. PCB design (abbreviated as Printed Circuit Board) and schematic drawings are also among the capabilities of this proteus. This program consists of several modules and components, the main ones of which include the ISIS Schematic Capture section; Schematic design and simulation of analog, logic and microcontroller circuits, PROSPICE Mixed mode SPICE simulation; Simulation based on Spice models, ARES PCB Layout section; The design of the printed circuit board is with or without schematic input (from the ISIS environment).

Features of Proteus Professional software :

– Easy to use and at the same time high power and flexibility

– Design and simulation of AVR and various electrical circuits with high accuracy and reliability

– Complete simulation design tools and a variety of measurement elements

– Has an ISIS library with a wide range of microcontrollers

– Ability to program in the software environment

– Fast design of PCB or printed circuit board without the need to change the designed circuit

– VSM capability (stands for Virtual System Modeling and meaning virtual modeling system)

– Take advantage of advanced routing modes

– Accurate and complete troubleshooting of the program

– Graphic and three-dimensional display of the design


To learn more about the different parts of Proteus, watch the online videos here .

required system

Software and hardware requirements of this software have not been released by the manufacturer; But according to the study, it can be implemented and used with the least facilities.

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Installation guide

Version 8.10 and later is cracked and with normal installation, the software will be cracked automatically

Version 8.9: Install the software according to the Readme file in the paths provided in the Readme file and copy the PP8.9.exe file to the installation location and run it once; Run the program and if you need a license, enter the License.lxk file and Install.

Version 8.8:

After installation using the license, copy and replace the files and folders in the modified Crack folder in the installation path of the program.

Version 8.7 SP3;

Start installing the software and select the Local License option, and in the next step enter the license in the Crack folder and Install. Continue the installation process and select the Custom option; Change the second path, which is the ProgramData folder, to the first default path, Program Files (meaning that both paths are the same). After the installation is complete, copy and replace the two folders in the Crack folder in the same way as installing the program.


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