METSIM is the basis for the analysis of all chemical and metallurgical processes of mass and energy balance. Factory design, capital costs, and technical evaluations all depend on such calculations. METSIM is a general process simulation system designed to assist the engineer in performing mass and energy balance of complex processes. METSIM uses a set of computational methods to create an optimal combination of complexity, user time, and utilization of computer resources. METSIM began as a metallurgical process simulation program , written to perform mass balance around the main unit operations of complex process flows. The application of this program has been very successful, which includes accurate thermal balance, chemistry, process control, equipment measurement, cost estimation and process analysis.

Features and facilities of METSIM:

  • Base metal mine
  • Cost of factory operations
  • Mining and ore processing
  • Chemical kinetics and phase equilibrium
  • Melting / flex processing of copper particles
  • The factory produced heavy coal
  • Extensive thermodynamic database
  • Eight solids, molasses, liquid, water and gas
  • Easily add new unit operations
  • Unlimited number of unit operations and flows
  • Mass balance based on design criteria
  • Extraction capital and operating costs
  • Washing the floor of gold, nickel, uranium and copper
  • List of measuring equipment and precision equipment
  • Steady state simulation: mass and energy balance
  • Washing chloride from molybdenum concentrates
  • Adjust to simulate existing factories
  • Washing hydrochloric acid from alumina clay
  • Saturation of uranium and vanadium ores in acid and carbonate
  • Sedimentation and hydrometallurgical techniques for gold mining

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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