PSIM Professional 9.1.4 x86 / x64

PSIM Professional 9.1.4 x86 / x64

PSIM is a powerful software for designing, analyzing and simulating electronic circuits. Using this program, electronic engineers are able to select a variety of electronic components from the huge library of this program and use them in their circuit. PSIM is a complete electrical and electronics laboratory that offers a variety of sensors and measuring devices such as oscilloscopes, wave analyzers, displays and heat analyzers, direct and indirect current monitoring, as well as work with AC and DC motors. Data so that we can have a complete understanding of the operation of the circuit. During the simulation you can see the live, current, voltage and other parameters using probes. This program has high power in displaying and personalizing waves. You can easily change the color of the waveform, change its units of measurement, calculate the amplitude and intersection points of the waves, and…

One of the advantages of PSIM is the ability to communicate with MATLAB and Simulink software for more complex and accurate simulations. In fact, the output of this program can be entered into these programs in the form of mathematical data and enjoy their benefits. This program has a very good ability to design industrial circuits and power circuits with complex domains and has more power and speed than software such as PSPice to design these circuits. With all its features, this program has a simple user interface that makes it very easy to work with, so that after completing several projects and a little review of the program menus and windows, you can get acquainted with the general features of the program.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

The 64-bit version was installed and successfully activated on September 22, 1996 in 64-bit Windows 10.

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