PTC Pro / TOOLMAKER 9.0 M070 x86 / x64

PTC Pro / TOOLMAKER 9.0 M070 x86 / x64

Pro / TOOLMAKER is a powerful software for making molds and performing machining projects. With this program, you can produce all kinds of plastic molds and all kinds of optimal toolpaths for CNC machines. This program is well compatible with 5-axis machining and uses the full capacity of this type of machining. In the new versions of this program, the speed of calculating suitable machining routes has increased up to 20%. This is due to better memory optimization and management, as well as compatibility of the program with 64-bit systems. In 64-bit systems, the speed of data processing and computing is higher than 32-bit versions.

This program supports a variety of raster and zigzag cutting paths and has a good ability in the field of two-dimensional machining. With this product, it is possible to make the most complex molds with complex geometric structures, and most of the optimization of cutting paths for CNC machines is done by the program itself. This program has a graphical interface and easy operation, and if you are already familiar with similar machining software, you can quickly get used to the environment of this program. However, if you have any ambiguity about the program, you can get the necessary information by referring to the program guide.

This program is the result of a collective effort of experts and programmers with experience of PTC company and due to the good history and customer orientation of this company in each version of the product can be seen many practical changes because these changes are based on the real needs of many customers around the world. Takes place. pro-toolmaker is widely used in various industries of automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, single technologies and و and now after many years PTC has been able to direct many customers around the world to its products.

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See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

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