PTGui Pro 10.0.15 Retail

PTGui Pro is an application for creating panoramic images for Windows, which is named after the term  G raphical  U ser  I nterface for  P anorama  T ools and means graphical user interface for panoramic tools. Using PTGui software, you can put photos next to each other and make them panoramic. In addition, the software has several settings for customizing images that you can easily use to enhance the image.

Features and Features of PTGui:

  • Support for large Photoshop documents (.psb)
  • Supports jpeg, tiff and png image formats
  • Photoshop layering output, suitable for retouching
  • Ability to place multiple rows of photos next to each other
  • Create panoramic images with automatic operation with just a few clicks
  • Unlimited output size: Create a gigapixel panorama of hundreds of photos
  • Ability to create images manually to view the step by step
  • Includes spherical panorama viewing tool for local equivalent panoramic viewing
  • Create 360-degree cylindrical, flat and even 360 × 180-degree panoramic images
  • Batch operation: Prepare any number of panoramas and connect them at a later time without user intervention

Installation guide

Use the information in the Serial.txt file to register the software.

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