PureBasic 5.70 LTS Windows / Linux / macOS

PureBasic is a BASIC-based programming language that is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The key feature of this product is its portability (currently supported by Windows, Linux and Mac), the final compiled file is optimized and runs very fast. The syntax of this language is very similar to the former Basic language. This programming language is made for both beginners and professionals. The creators of this language are constantly striving to provide a system-friendly, reliable and fast language. Although this language is designed for beginners, it has many advanced capabilities, including: pointers, structures, procedures, dynamic link lists, etc. Experienced coders have no problem with different accesses to the underlying levels of Windows, they can easily Use the Windows API functions in your program and even use the assembly language inline in your program.

Features of the PureBasic programming language:

  •  Large volume of internal commands to simplify the process of program development and game development (more than 1400 different commands)
  • Support for all BASIC keywords
  • Very fast compiler for generating optimal exe files
  • No need for external DLLs, runtime interpreters and… to run generated programs
  • Ability to create process programs for structured programming using local and general variables
  • Full Unicode support
  • Access Windows API functions
  • Making 2D and 3D games based on DirectX, SDL and OGRE
  • Optimal and maximum use of hardware power
  • Dedicated development environment and editor for easy coding
  • Integrated and powerful debugger and profiler for code tracking and analysis

Installation guide

This version is complete and does not require activation.

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Download PureBasic 5.70 LTS x86

Download PureBasic 5.70 LTS x64

Download Purebasic 5.70 LTS x86 x64 Portable

Download PureBasic 5.70 LTS Linux86

Download PureBasic 5.70 LTS Linux64

Download PureBasic 5.70 LTS macOS x86

Download PureBasic 5.70 LTS macOS x64

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