Python 3.6.4 Final x86 / x64

Python 3.6.4 Final x86 / x64

Python is a powerful, simple, and general-purpose programming language that is used by everyone from students to beginners to professionals in the programming world for a variety of purposes. Python is a high-level, object-oriented and interpretive language, and its creators created the language code with the aim of being short, simple and legible. The language gained great popularity in a short time due to its simplicity and high readability.

One of the important features of Python language is its rich library and abundant ready-made code, so that in any subject from advanced mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics to artificial intelligence, machine learning, speech recognition, audio and video analysis, or in Relating to text analysis, data mining, graphical user interface, web browsers, cryptography, email, etc., there are plenty of libraries that can help you implement the algorithm you want.

This is an interpretive language; That is, unlike compiler languages, all code is not fully translated and converted into an executable file, but is interpreted and executed line by line; So a loop with a hundred cycles runs exactly a hundred times. Python is open source and runs on a variety of platforms. One of the problems with interpretive languages ​​is that the program code is obvious and accessible to others. Although Python is open source and most projects based on it are free, sometimes for some reason we may need to not publish critical parts of an advanced algorithm. In such situations, Python allows you to write critical parts of the algorithm in a compiler language such as C ++ and call that part from within Python. This language is for desktop, mobile , animation, database software In particular, research software, artificial intelligence and in the field of data mining have many applications.

Python Features:

  • Simplicity and brevity of codes
  • Easy to learn and in the shortest time
  • Free, functional, open source and all-purpose
  • Large user community and availability of a wide range of libraries in various fields
  • High level of language and completely object-oriented
  • Compatible with different platforms
  • High language scalability

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