Course Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development
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Course Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development


Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development, with this course you can create and develop real Django projects. By developing a website using Django you will learn what a real project needs, and by completing this course you will learn basic information about Django from beginner to intermediate level.

This course is completely project-oriented and in this course you will create a program called “Car Zone – A Used Car Selling Business Website”. The scenario behind this project is that a car dealer wants to display a list of his cars on the site so that users can visit the site to see the latest cars and can search and classify cars by model or price. .

Course features

  • Create real projects according to the needs of the users.
  • Using HTML / Bootstrap templates and customizing the Django admin panel
  • PostgreSQL database and use it in product sites
  • Install a virtual environment
  • Build Django apps
  • Git
  • Django static and multimedia files
  • Django Admin Personalization
  • Template, model and database transfer
  • Use the RichText editor and multiple select fields in the Backend admin
  • Reactive database objects
  • Paging
  • User authentication
  • Login using Facebook and Google
  • send mail
  • Database copying and data loading (locally and remotely)
  • Create a custom domain

Django Build Python Real Project Course Details: Django Web Development:

Language: English
Duration: 10h 1m
Number of Courses: 79
Level of Training: Basic to Advanced
Instructor: Rathan Kumar
File Format: mp4

Course topics:

Build Python Django Real Project Django Web Development-contents

Course prerequisites:

Basic HTML
Basic understanding of how Django works.


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Quality: 720

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