QlikView Desktop Edition 12.20 / Server 11.20 x64

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QlikView is a smart and commercial software that has fundamentally changed the business world. With QlikView you will be able to execute your business decisions faster and smarter. The software also has the ability to connect to a variety of databases, including SQL. With QlikView, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and also make analysis easy for everyone. Working with this program is also very easy and any user can learn to work with it in the shortest possible time.

Features and Features of QlikView:

– Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

Have the right information at the right time and at the right speed.

– Measure the competitiveness of your organization with other companies and prepare yourself for future events.

– Make analysis easy for everyone

Strengthen your organization’s profitable processes and eliminate unjustified processes.

Smooth the flow of management information in your organization.

Measure the efficiency and effectiveness of processes in your organization.

– Availability of fully operational and free version for use in organizations

– Ease of use of the program

– Beautiful and functional user interface

– Design and report analyzes in a very short time

– Ability to process large volumes of information in a fraction of a second without the use of expensive hardware

– Analysis and analysis of information completely separate from operating systems and completely off-line

– flexibility

– Smart user enabler

– Speed ​​in installation, easy learning, ease of use

– Data aggregation to analyze a variety of information formats

– Fast return on investment and lower costs

Installation guide

First run the Apply Host_DownLoadLy.iR.bat file or add the two lines in the Readme.txt file to the Windows host file and do it. Install and run the program. Go to Settings -> User Preferences -> License and click Change. Enter the License Key and Control Number in the text file and click Next. Then select “Enter my license information manually” (LEF) and continue. In the next step, copy and paste one of the Reseller, Partner or Educational licenses from the Readme file. Finally, close the program and run it again. 64-bit version Installed on Windows 10 and successfully activated.


download link

Download QlikTech QlikView_Desktop Edition 12.20 x64

Download QlikView_Server_11.20.11716.0_x64

Download QlikTech QlikView_Desktop Edition 11.20 SR17 for Windows 8 and 10

Download QlikTech QlikView_Desktop Edition 11.20 SR17 for Windows 7 x86

Download QlikTech QlikView_Desktop Edition 11.20 SR17 for Windows 7 x64

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