QPS Fledermaus 7.8.4 x64 / 7.5.2 x86

QPS Fledermaus 7.8.4 x64 / 7.5.2 x86

Fledermaus is a powerful and advanced software for analyzing geographic data based on time and place parameters, which is especially used in large projects. This program, which is referred to as a four-dimensional analyzer, is able to consider time as a very important factor for data processing in addition to three dimensions related to location. Using this program, researchers and scientists are able to map and process spatial data over a very large scale over different time periods. Therefore, with these explanations, this product can be considered as one of the well-known tools for mapping and analyzing spatial data from places such as oceans, forest pastures, mapping of mountains, mines, and so on.

The fourth factor intervention, time is the strong point of this program. Reviewing and analyzing spatial data over a period of time both increases the accuracy of the work and makes it possible to access the data at specific time points. It supports a wide range of standard 3D formats and can easily process a wide range of 3D data in an acceptable amount of time. The data processing speed in this software is optimal and of course it depends on the hardware power of the host system. Therefore, running the program on systems with higher hardware capacity will definitely allow the program to process data faster. In addition to the main function of this program, various capabilities for working with projects related to geospatial or geo-spatial space have been considered for users, which will make projects faster with the help of these features.

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