Quickreport 6 for Delphi / C ++ Builder 10.3 Rio Retail

Quickreport 6 for Delphi / C ++ Builder 10.3 Rio Retail

QuickReport is a complete and unified report builder that is 100% written with Delphi code and is fully integrated with Delphi and C ++ Builder. Reports are designed within the Delphi / C ++ Builder IDE environment using a form designer like a report designer.

Main features of  QuickReport components  :

– Report Design – QuickReport is a complete report builder written with Delphi and fully integrated with Delphi and C ++ Builder, reports in the Delphi IDE environment using the form designer IDE just like a report designer Are designed.

– linked data – QuickReport can be any piece of data that is inherited from class VCL TDataset use. The summary table snippet provides an average for accessing any data that can be accessed by Delphi or C ++ Builder while maintaining all the features of the report.

Output modes – Reports can be sent directly to the printer, saved in text format for future observations, or saved in formats such as HTML, PDF, XML, CSV, XL, WMF, ASCII. HTML and PDF can also fileless output mode without the need to file is known, be produced.

Additional features of QuickReport components  :

– Ability to search text and preview standard Thumbnails (thumbnail display)

– Printer color settings, matching and print quality in the report printer settings and QRPrinterSetup dialog box

– Implement frame and background outputs. Control frames, bands and backgrounds can be exported.

– Export filters can combine reports, for example PDF, HTML and XLS filters receive multiple reports.

Summary datasets allow reports to be designed within a set of fields. The data in the fields can be filled based on an event. This event is called when the data set progresses. Reports behave exactly like a regular dataset.

– Ability to export XML / XSLT filter document outputs (not data) like viewing a browser

– XML ​​/ XSLT document. A way to view the browser is provided.

– Control related to exporting RichText texts in PDF, XML, HTML such as images


QuickReport and Unicode components  :

Developers working with RAD Studio version 6 and 7 have a default Unicode string, so the code written with these IDEs is compatible with the Unicode standard and therefore supports the Persian language. Unicode is not supported in PDF feature.

QuickReport Component Tips:

– The provided versions are complete and do not need to be activated.

Versions compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Delphi versions XE2 to XE8 are available.

– A version compatible with C ++ Builder XE6 is also provided separately.

Installation guide

This set is complete and does not require activation.

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Download QuickReport_6_Build_4.18_for_10.2_Tokyo

Download QuickReport_6_Build_4.17_for_10.2_Tokyo

Download QuickReport_6_Build_4.16_for_10.2_Tokyo

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Download QuickReport_6_Build_4.11_for_Delphi_and_Cplusplus_Builder_10.2_Tokyo_Full_Source

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Download QuickReport_6_for_Delphi_and_C_Builder_10.2_Tokyo_Full_Source

Download Quickreport_5.0.6_for_Delphi_10.2_Tokyo_Full_Source

Download QuickReport 6.00 XE10.1 x86 / x64

Download QuickReport 6.00 XE10 x64

Download QuickReport 6.00 XE8 x64

Download QuickReport 6.00 XE7 x64

Download QuickReport 6.00 XE6 x64

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