Raize CodeSite Studio 5.3.3 for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

Raize CodeSite Studio 5.3.3 for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio

CodeSite is a professional logger for tracking program execution for Delphi programmers. This efficient tool gives programmers a deeper insight into the process of executing code, and thus helps a lot in finding potential problems. Classes in CodeSite allow developers to record a variety of information while running the program and then save it live in a report file. In addition, both logging styles, ie live and file logging, will be able to run both locally and remotely (via TCP, UDP, HTTP protocols).

A key and effective feature of CodeSite is that unlike error messages, breakpoints and transient variables store all events and messages in one file that can be checked at any time. The program also fixes some of the shortcomings with logging and tracking, for example, event logging is not limited to simple string data, it is possible to record complex event types, group event types and log logs in separate files, and so on. It will bring high strength and flexibility to d. The program also has an event viewer that displays log file data regularly, and it is possible to quickly exploit and analyze files.

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