Raize Inspex 2.6.9 Supports Delphi 10.3 Rio

Raize Inspex is the name of an advanced collection in the field of Delphi programming and programming language. The creators of this product refer to this tool as an advanced set of native VCL grade controls that are specifically designed to examine objects and other types of data in your applications. You will use this set to access 4 tools called TIxItemListEditor, TIxItemListInspector, TIxObjectInspector and TIxDBInspector. All of these tools come together to meet your needs for native VCL grade controls.

The first tool in the Raize Inspex suite, called TIxItemListEditor, acts as an editor and as an object inspector-style interface. Each item in this collection comes with various features that explain how the item appears and operates on the network. This way you will be able to build a hierarchy with the ability to expand and drop distributed items using this tool.

Also, another tool that needs to be explained, called TIxItemListInspector, has all the functionality of the previous tool. With the difference that this tool has the ability to customize. The creators of this collection have also collected the documents you need to use the collection by placing a file called HtmlHelp.

Features and Features of Raize Inspex:

  • Provides you with native VCL grade controls
  • Ability to examine objects and other types of data in Delphi programming
  • Ability to build hierarchies to expand and drop distributed items
  • Ability to customize with the TIxItemListInspector tool

Tools in this collection:

  • TIxItemListEditor
  • TIxItemListInspector
  • TIxObjectInspector
  • TIxDBInspector

Installation guide

Use the serial in the Serial.txt file to register the program.

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Download Raize_Inspex_2.6.9_Supports_Delphi_10.3_Rio

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