Ranorex Studio 9.2.0

Ranorex Studio is an IDE for .Net framework applications written in C # or VB.Net. This software is written based on SharpDevelop which is a free source. With Ranorex you can score various programs and projects. This program offers you test automation tools that are easy to use to create automated testing projects. Optimize your obust test automation frameworks using this program, this software can test any program written for desktop and mobile.

A team of developers and project managers with Ranorex can meet all their needs. Using the program wizard, you can test the environment step by step and start working quickly. It is possible to create, create, activate all kinds of written programs, and if necessary, you can use the program’s debugger to find and solve problems in programming.

Features and specifications of Ranorex Studio software:

  • Record, play and start
  • Debugging the app
  • Testing all types of software
  • Find application bugs
  • Ability to change program components

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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