Rasperry Pi Zero: 18 thousand toman computer for hackers

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The Rasperry Pi Zero minicomputer was unveiled.

These days, hackers and most of the “different technologies” have found a special interest in Pocket PCs called Raspberry, and its latest model – Pi Zero – is offered for $ 5 (3600 Tomans per dollar, equivalent to 18 thousand Tomans).

What you see is the Broadcom processor of the BCM2835 type from the series installed on the Pi1 Raspberry, the new generation of which is 40% faster. 512MB LPDDR2 RAM, microSD slot for memory installation, mini HDDM port with 1080p output, microUSB for power and data output, 40-pin GPIO header output and video header are the features of this $ 5 minicomputer. Is.

The Rasperry Pi Zero measures 65 by 30 by 5 millimeters and is the smallest minicomputer.

This minicomputer is a free supplement to MagPi Magazine in the UK and can also be purchased from the US Microcenter.