RavenDB Enterprise Edition v5.1.2.0 Free Download

RavenDB Enterprise Edition v5.1.2.0 Free Download


RavenDB is an open source, document-oriented database for the Net platform. Is. The best idea you can get from a document-based database is to sort your data and save it to the hard disk next to the program, now you don’t need columns like SQL databases to recover them. And point to rows to retrieve data. In this database, documents do not necessarily have to be stored as sorted objects.

RavenDB is a document-based, NoSQL database that speeds up the designer’s ability to store and retrieve data. In this database is a Net client. It is set to communicate with the server, but the primary representative of this is JSON. So any client that can communicate with the server via HTML / JSON will work. In this database you can define new indexes in WebUIs like LINQ and use them for queries. Using the Sharding feature, you can split the information into smaller sections and store it on multiple servers. This operation will greatly increase your speed.

Features of RavenDB software:

  • Direct access to management tools through a web browser
  • High speed in data storage and retrieval
  • Based on the new principles of NoSQL
  • Data encryption based on the strongest and fastest algorithms
  • Divide data into smaller sections on horizontal partitions
  • Open source database and completely free
  • Connect to the server from the Net platform. And JSON

RavenDB software tips:

  • This database is designed according to NoSQL rules and is completely different from SQL databases in storage, retrieval and security.
  • This database is set up in 4 ways: Test – on IIS server – A service in Windows – Embed for software design

required system

.Net Framework 4.0 +

Silverlight 4+


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Installation guide

  • To access this software, first run the Start.cmd file, then access the management of this database with the address localhost: 8080.

download link

Download RavenDB Ent-Pro-Dev v5.1.2.0 x86
Download RavenDB Ent-Pro-Dev v5.1.2.0 x64
Download RavenDB_Enterprise_Edition_v4.0.6
Download RavenDB 3.0.30037
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