RdpGuard 7.2.9

RdpGuard 7.2.9


RdpGuard is a strong defense wall against intrusion attacks (HIPS). This program protects Windows servers against all kinds of brute force attacks on various communication protocols and services, including RDP, MS-SQL, FTP, SMTP, MySQL, IIS Web Login, ASP.NET Web Forms, and… This program blocks suspicious IPs by monitoring the log server and checking for unauthorized logins. That is, when an IP tries to log in to the server several times with different words, it means that it is trying to infiltrate, so by blocking this IP for a certain period of time, we will greatly reduce the possibility of infiltration.

These attacks are usually carried out by robots and automatically using several different IPs. Therefore, the software should automatically block any suspicious IP after several attempts with a suitable strategy. This program logs all blocked IPs and their blocking date and you can access this information at any time. Even if you have strong passwords for hosting and you are comfortable with brute force attacks, not blocking IPs that are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is to the detriment of your server resources and bandwidth.

Your Windows server is unable to detect if the person logging in is a human or a robot, so it has to respond to all requests. This means CPU consumption, bandwidth consumption to load the login screen. Well, instead of one robot, you should consider a few dozen robots, naturally, the consumption of server resources will increase significantly. This is where using tools like RdpGuard will be not only a security option but also a strategic and management necessity.

required system 

Windows Vista • Windows Vista 64 bit • Windows 7 • Windows 7 64 bit • Windows 8 • Windows 8 64 bit • Windows 2003 • Windows 2008 • Windows 2008 R2 • Windows Server 2012 • Windows 10 • Windows 10 64 bit • Windows Server 2016

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Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download RdpGuard 7.2.9
Download RdpGuard 6.8.9
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