RDPrint v6.0 for XE10 Full Source

RDPrint is a Delphi application component that allows you to print quickly in any environment, even DOS environments, with a variety of printers, especially needle matrix printers. With RDPrint you can print a wide range of data types with different settings. This component is very useful for printing invoices, reports and other documents of a project. If you are dealing with dot matrix printers, you know that these printers have problems in the Windows environment. With RDPrint you can easily eliminate these problems. Printing with RDPrint gives you features such as text sizing and styling from a variety of sources, printing semi-graphic and translucent characters. The component shows you a preview of the document before printing.

Features of RDPrint software:

  • Quickly print ARRAY as they are done in DOS
  • Ability to zoom in on the document up to several times
  • Printing on laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers
  • Suitable for getting bills, duplicates, tickets, checks and all kinds of reports
  • Get output in PDF and HTML formats
  • Barcode and print photos in graph mode (chart)
  • Printing Bold, Italic text with different text quality and sizes

Installation guide

  • The component has been purchased and you can use it for free.

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Download RDPrint v6.0 for XE10 Full Source

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