RealThinClient SDK 9.50 Full Source for D7-D10.3

RealThinClient SDK is a component for building reliable HTTPS, client, router and ISAPI servers with Delphi.

Features and specifications of RealThinClient SDK component:

  • ISAPI development, standalone server and third party server. Build a Sur program and compile it as a strong standalone server that can serve an unlimited number of clients. Or use it as an ISAPI DLL extension, which can be deployed to any ISAPI server. Such as MS IIS or Apache. Integrate your applications into a third-party message-based server such as a NexusDB server.
  • Easy Multi-String Turning Off with a Simple Click: A highly sophisticated mechanism built into all RTC connection components, helping thousands of active connections run on separate topics all at the same time.
  • HTTP protocol without any firewall problems: RTC clients never have a special configuration to get through corporate firewalls and access the Internet. By simply setting the UseProxy feature to True, the data connection uses a connection provider that reads and receives data over the Internet using the same settings.
  • Remote and Reusable Functions – Easy to Write and Call: Implement and easily use remote functions as write local functions. Just place the Rtc component on the data form or module, enter the function name and write the OnExecute event.

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