Recipe for soy and noodles with miso sauce

This plant food contains plant carbohydrates that are very useful for maintaining the body’s energy for a long time. Due to the presence of soy, this food is rich in protein.

For 4 people
Preparation time to completion: 15 minutes
226 grams of noodles or noodles
A half of a small purple cabbage
Two large carrots
One yellow pepper
Eight large radishes
Four onions
Two tablespoons of rice vinegar
A tablespoon of soy sauce
A tablespoon of miso paste
Two tablespoons and one teaspoon of sesame oil
A clove of freshly chopped garlic
A teaspoon of fresh ginger
A measure of soy
A quarter cup of coriander leaves
Preparation method:
Cook your noodles or noodles according to the recipe on it. Then rinse and rinse with cold water. Put it aside.
Finely chop the cabbage, slice the carrots and cut into thin strips. Cut the pepper as well.
Preparing the sauce:
In a small bowl, combine vinegar, soy sauce, miso, and a teaspoon of sesame, garlic, and ginger oil.
In a large saucepan, heat the remaining oil. Add the cabbage and let it cook for a while. Then add carrots and peppers. Finally, add the soy prepared with salt and onion and cook for one minute. Finally, turn off the heat and pour the mixture of miso and soy sauce on the vegetables and mix with the noodles. Serve this food with coriander.
Instead of noodles, you can use spaghetti or other items.
Broccoli can also be used instead of cabbage. You can add peas and mushrooms to the mix.