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Recuva is a simple and compact software for recovering deleted system files. If you accidentally delete a file, or your system crashes and you lose your files, there is no need to worry, using Recuva, you can easily delete deleted files from anywhere on Windows, Trash, Camera Card, using a few clicks. Recover your phone or mp3 player. This program can recover any type of image, music, document, video, email and any type of file that has been deleted for any reason and has the ability to recover files from any type of storage media. Also, if for any reason your hard drive is corrupted, formatted, electrocuted, and برنامه this program recovers files that can be recovered as much as possible.

Recuva is also a solution for files that are not normally recovered, this program uses multi-layer search in Deep Scan mode, which multiplies the ability to recover files, although you have to wait longer. Sometimes, unlike recovery, users need to be able to recover some files after being deleted by anyone. Here, too, Recuva, with its special algorithms, allows you to securely delete files, so that those files will no longer be able to be recovered. Of course, it is worth mentioning that safe recovery and deletion of files is a complex issue and is related to various criteria, and depending on the importance of the data, the methods of deleting and recovering it can be very different.

Features and Features of Recuva:

  •  Easily recover deleted files from various storage media: hard drive, flash, memory card and…
  • Recover data from corrupted or formatted disks
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Restore music from music players such as iPods
  • Recover unsaved Word files
  • Simple wizard and step by step
  • Ability to deep scan to increase the likelihood of data recovery
  • Ability to securely delete files that you do not want to recover in any way
  • Supports all versions of Windows
  • 37 different languages ​​for the application interface