Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 Windows / 15.1.6 macOS

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 Windows / 15.1.6 macOS

Trapcode Suite is the name of a set of engineering and specialized tools in the field of simulation and modeling of particles and three-dimensional effects in the After Effects software environment. With the help of the tools in this package, you can simulate particles such as fire, water, smoke, snow, etc. The combination of different particles with the help of this plugin will bring you an amazing and real result. The plugin in front of you also allows you to get the results you want faster and better than ever.

Trapcode Suite is actually a set of 11 different tools to design three-dimensional movements of objects as well as apply visual effects to your project. All tools in this package have their own function and features. All in all, all of these tools provide you with the conditions under which you can perform your simulation in the best possible way. Using the tools in this collection, you can simulate the effects of particles, liquids, 3D components, surfaces, sound and motion in the best possible way in After Effects software.

Also, the tools of this package are made and presented in a way that is compatible with almost different types of Windows and Mac operating systems and you can easily use them. The tools in this package also give you the power to easily create complex animations.

Features of Red Giant Trapcode Suite Plugin:

  • Provide user tools to simplify 3D simulations in After Effects
  • It simplifies the possibility of simulating different particles such as fire, water, smoke, snow, etc.
  • Modeling liquids in an amazing and realistic way
  • Existence of sufficient tools to simulate and model complex geometric shapes
  • Use colors and landscapes that make the simulation better
  • Ability to apply sound and movement to simulated components

Installation guide

The required serial is included with the versions.

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Download Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.8 x64

Download Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.6 macOS

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