RegexBuddy 4.10 x64

RegexBuddy by Just Great or JGSoft is a great and powerful tool for working with regular expressions or Regex . Rijks is a collection of characters based on computer science theory and the official language of the work. The created string is used to match the text and search for a specific pattern in the text. For example, with Rex, you can find the phone numbers in the text that start with a prefix and end with a specific number. This can easily be done with regular expressions. Making rejection patterns can sometimes be complicated, or at least tedious and time consuming.

Rijksabadi software is an effective tool to help you build these disciplines. With this tool you can easily define different types of patterns in Rex; Debug; Test on test text and even get the code you want for the programming language . If you have worked with the powerful tools and command line grep in the Linux / Unix environment, you will notice its high power in working with regular expressions. Windy Rex offers you exactly the same performance in a Windows environment with a graphical interface.

This program can also be used to analyze rejection expressions written by others. Texts and files can be added to the program to perform the desired rejection pattern to find the desired text and test it. Using this program eliminates the need to use online tools and trial and error, and you can do all the necessary work in an integrated and clean environment. This program is not a simple tool for working with regular patterns. Instead, you are literally dealing with a complete Rijks lab.

Features of RegexBuddy:

  • Ability to easily make expressions with rules
  • Test Reject patterns on text and files
  • Ability to analyze expressions with rules
  • Very rich graphical environment
  • Generate the necessary code for different programming languages

Installation guide

In the Readme file; The Retail version does not need to be activated.

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