RegexMagic 2.8.0 Retail

RegexMagic 2.8.0 Retail

RegexMagic, a product of Just Great or JGSoft, is the name of an application software for making logical and regular expressions. In fact, with the help of this software, you can create regular expressions easier than ever. Phrases with rules in computer science means matching the string in the text, which is like special characters, words and patterns of characters. The application of this software is exactly in the production and construction of these regular expressions. By entering your specifications in this product, you will actually receive the phrase you want.

Support for a wide range of text templates such as numbers, dates and email addresses is only part of this range. You can create regular expressions by marking different parts of your examples. These regular expressions, which come from combining several patterns, will fit exactly what you want. Phrase setting and customization capabilities make this software an efficient tool for creating regular expressions.

Also, when using this software, all the necessary tools you need are at your disposal. You can preview the results immediately by making the necessary changes. Very simple use, convenient user interface and user control over phrases are just some of the advantages of using this program.

Features of RegexMagic:

  • Build regular phrases based on your inputs
  • Supports a wide range of templates to receive input
  • Build regular expressions for a variety of programming languages
  • Ability to use generated expressions and the ability to copy them
  • Ability to adjust and customize the generated expressions depending on your needs

Installation guide

The Retail version does not need to be activated.

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