Remcom XFDTD x64 + PreCracked

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XFDTD is the most modern 3D simulator of electromagnetic systems that performs modeling based on FDTD or finite-difference time-domain modeling. XFDTD speed has been increased by relying on the GPU processing power of NVidia’s CUDA technology. Using the capabilities of this software, it is possible to simulate different types of antennas and magnetic devices in different conditions, and with accurate simulations, it allows engineers to review and analyze the results.

Features and specifications of XFDTD:

  • Simulation using the most modern computing technologies
  • Use GPU processing power and CUDA language to increase computing speed
  • Ability to optimize the components of electrical and electronic circuits
  • Ability to create a network of ProGrid points for the project
  • Faster and more accurate simulation with XACT cellular technology
  • Ability to output to MATLAB software as well as CSV format
  • Possibility of analysis with thermal sensors for biological systems
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks and simplicity of work processes
  • Complete history of analysis results
  • Ability to work with interactive charts
  • Possibility of flexible and powerful modeling to increase the speed of work
  • Ability to use custom scripts
  • More accurate simulation using a parametric system
  • Create the required mesh of the project intelligently in the shortest time

Installation guide

Apparently version 6 is cracked and version 7 is not. Crack Guide version 6 is in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Remcom XFDTD

Download Remcom_XFDTD_7.3.0.3_Precracked_Licensed

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