Renders of the iPad mini 6 indicate that there are two holes in the display

iPad mini 6

iPad mini 6

Renderings of the iPad mini 6 – iPad mini 6 show two holes in the display design that will give a different performance and a new look to this product.


Recently, new renderings of Apple’s upcoming small-sized tablet, the iPad Mini 6, have been released, which will only make sense if Apple makes a dramatic change in the design language of its products. This design can be passed on to the next generation of iPad mini as well as Apple iPhones and completely change the appearance of these two devices. Renderings of the iPad mini 6 have been released by xleaks7 and CoverPigtou, who already have a history of near-true (not entirely true) disclosures.

With a quick look at these renderings we can see what new things have been added. The iPad mini 6 could be the first Apple tablet to feature a selfie camera with a Punch Hole design on the screen. There’s also no Face ID sensor on the device, and Apple prefers the use of a fingerprint sensor to this technology.

This will place the fingerprint sensor of the new iPad mini on the screen – not under the screen – and will occupy part of the screen. Because these renderings are so far removed from the design of Apple’s current devices, they should be considered mere arrows in the dark, and may be very unlikely to be accurate.

IPad Mini Renders 6

Even if Apple inserts a selfie camera into a hole in the middle of the screen, the fingerprint sensor can be combined with the power button, just like we saw on the new iPad Air. The fingerprint sensor under the display is also inexpensive and does not need to be redesigned to accept and delete a circle at the bottom of the screen. Of course, this may force Apple to change the display panel to OLED.

Maybe if we know that Bloomberg published an article about this last week, it will reduce the unreality of these renderings. The Bloomberg article referred to the fingerprint sensor under the screen on the iPhone 13, which, of course, we took from the fact that the sensor was located just below the screen, rather than the Punch Hole design at the bottom of the screen.

IPad Mini Renders 6

The latest generation of the iPad mini had large margins around its display, and if the Cupertinos increase the screen-to-body ratio, the screen dimensions of the next iPad mini will probably change from 7.9 inches to 9.15 inches. This is possible if the dimensions of the device remain exactly the same 203.2 × 134.8 × 6.25 mm.

Last year, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst, predicted the release of a 9-inch iPad mini, but did not point to such sweeping changes. Most projections revolve around the microLED panel currently on the iPad Pro series.

IPad Mini Renders 6

We expect Apple to unveil its new iPads in March. So about two months later we can talk about the accuracy of the rumors about the rendering of the iPad mini 6, the design of the Punch Hole and the microLED panel for the new iPads.

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