Renders of the new iPhone SE announce the design of an economical phone

iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE concept concept renderings announce the design of an affordable phone with a 5.4-inch display.

Apple SE iPhone 3G Concept Renders Released If Apple’s next iPhone SE could have very few bezels, the device would look relatively modern. The rumors say that there are signs that the third generation of iPhone SE may be introduced in the next few months.New iPhone SE concept renderings

This version will be introduced as an affordable phone in April 2021 (April-May 1400). Now, thanks to concept renderings, we can only imagine the appearance of the device if Apple decides to consider a modern design for this model.New iPhone SE concept renderings

The previous generation iPhone SE 2020 was noticed last year, despite not being as small as the original model. Sales of the iPhone SE 2020 may be well above expectations, which is one of the reasons why Apple has decided to launch the new model next April.New iPhone SE concept renderings

So far, no official or unofficial rendering or image of the device has been seen, but Mac Otakara believes that the third generation iPhone SE will be unveiled with the latest version of Apple’s AirPods Pro. From the content posted on the website, we can see that some of the changes in the new iPhone are prominent, and we can see what it might look like if the design of the iPhone SE follows the iPhone 12 mini. For example, the rear camera module and the punch hole of the selfie camera can be imagined on the screen.New iPhone SE concept renderings

The leak of information about the Apple iPad mini 6 indicated that the company intends to apply this style of display to some of its devices. In addition, the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone SE 3 will be located on the power button and also retains the Touch ID feature.

The concept renderings also show that the device will have a 5.4-inch OLED display, which will be much larger than the current iPhone SE display. Some of the features of the new low-cost phone, including the device’s power chipset, will not change from the higher model. More information will be published in the coming days.


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