Passcape Reset Windows Password Advanced Edition
Reset Windows Password

Passcape Reset Windows Password Advanced Edition


Reset Windows Password is the name of a very useful software for recovering your forgotten password. One of the most common problems is password forgetting. You can format your hard drive or change your operating system to go through the encryption step. Unfortunately, these methods are associated with a loss of information. You will definitely lose all or part of your data by formatting the hard drive or changing your operating system completely or partially. You will also lose the settings stored on your computer this way. The mentioned method is time consuming.

With the help of Reset Windows Password software, you will be able to recover your computer password with a quick and very simple solution. You only need to run this software from a boot CD or USB and leave the rest of the process to this software. This way you will solve your problem in just a few minutes. The software in front of you is a very powerful solution to recover the password or bypass the password of your computer, which in addition to being simple, is very fast and has no flaws. The software is also designed so that even an inexperienced user can recover or bypass their password.

Features and specifications of Reset Windows Password

  • Recover or bypass the forgotten password of your Windows operating system
  • High speed in recovering your password and setting up your system
  • Using this software is very simple and anyone can use it
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems

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required system 

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Recommended Hardware

Processor: 64-bit compatible CPU

Memory: 1 GB of RAM

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download Passcape_Reset_Windows_Password_9.3.0.937_Advanced_Edition
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