Rocscience Dips 7.016 / Settle3D 2.016 / Slide 6.020 / Unwedge 3.009

Rocscience Dips 7.016 / Settle3D 2.016 / Slide 6.020 / Unwedge 3.009

Rocscience Softwares is a complete set of software for geotechnical engineers. The manufacturer has gained a good position in this field since 1996 by providing many specialized softwares. The programs presented in this collection include a wide range of geotechnical tools and earth sciences through which you will be able to design and analyze two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Civil engineers, soil mechanics and other fields related to geotechnical sciences can use the software of this collection to further advance their study and operational goals.

Rocscience is well acquainted with the challenges of engineers in this field and owes its capabilities to the appropriate knowledge in the field of geomechanics and its expert programming team. Behind the scenes of the company’s products are expert geotechnical engineers, all of whom have higher education degrees in this field of engineering. The products offered are based entirely on research and needs assessment and user feedback. The mission of a software company is to meet the needs of users, and this is what Rocscience has done well.

Customers of this product include a wide range of people from engineers working in small consulting companies to large teams working in large and multinational companies, as well as companies working in the field of mining exploration and exploitation. The applications of Rocscience products have even reached government agencies and universities around the world. Over the years, with the support of valuable experiences, the company now has scientific and research relations with more than 280 prominent universities around the world and plays an effective role in the educational programs of these universities in the field of geotechnics.

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