Rosetta Stone TOTAL 5.0.37 Win / macOS

Rosetta Stone TOTALe is a dedicated computer-assisted language learning software developed by Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone software is a combination of images, text and sound with increasing difficulty level as the student progresses, teaching different vocabulary terms and grammatical functions directly and without translation, which is called “dynamic immersion”. According to the company, this software is designed for language learning as a first language learning.

Features and Features of Rosetta Stone TOTALe:

  • Level 1 consists of eight units: starting with simple words such as boy, girl, man, woman, moving up through numbers, past tenses, future tenses and concluding with a unit
  • Unit 1 to 4 has 10 lessons plus lesson review and unit 5 to 8 has 11 lessons with lesson review, 99 total lessons at level 1
  • Level 2 offers units 9 to 19, however, as a practical subject, only 9 units are devoted to education, and units 18 and 19 “Glossary” are devoted as a single word with a specific subject. (School, nature, cars, etc.)
  • Level 2 units are considered more advanced grammatical concepts as well as specific topics such as banking, shopping and travel. This exercise also has small video clips in QuickTime format to show some of the verbs.
  • Units 16 and 17 consist only of the old Saturday Evening Post cartoon and captions. There are 18 total lessons in level 2.
  • Level 3 has video and writing passages to expand the level of education.

Installation guide

Available in Readme.txt file with software.

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