Rt-Tools2D VCL Full Source for Tokyo

Rt-Tools2D VCL Full Source for Tokyo

Rt-Tools2D is a collection of VCL components for generating beautiful charts from financial and scientific data. These components will be used by programmers in Delphi, Borland and CodeGrear. .NET programmers can also benefit from the capabilities of these components in the Visual Studio environment in the form of .NET assemblies. The components of this set are very diverse and with it programmers can produce all kinds of bar charts, circular, linear, scatter plots and و on statistical data.

The charts that are generated can be interacted with, for example, in a bar chart, by moving the mouse on different parts of the chart, it is possible to display values ​​instantly. The chart guide is fully flexible to be tailored to your needs. Rt-Tools2D includes all the components needed to design a variety of statistical charts, and programmers can add statistical reporting capabilities to their program without any extra effort.

Features and specifications of Rt-Tools2D:

  •  Making a variety of bar charts, circular, linear, scattering and نمودار
  • Ability to use components in Delphi, Borland, CodeGear and Visual Studio
  • Can be used in web applications
  • Ability to change different parts of the chart, including guides, colors, size of symbols and…
  • Ability to generate linear and nonlinear regression graphs
  • Automatic live chart updates based on updated information
  • Automatically zoom and resize charts to fit data volume and axis scales
  • Ability to interact with the chart
  • Ability to change the type of values ​​and settings related to the axis of the chart
  • Support for transparent mode and alpha parameter in chart color scheme
  • Ability to specify static and dynamic captions for charts, axes and guides and other sections with wide settings

Installation guide

Install and use the version. No need to crack.

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Download Rt-Tools2D_VCL_3.5.0.50_Source_Code_for_Tokyo

Download Rt-Tools2D_VCL_3.5.0.50_Full_Source

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