Rumor: WhatsApp is equipped with a feature to change the speed of voice message playback

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According to rumors, the ability to play voice messages faster than normal will soon be added to WhatsApp. Telegram and other popular messengers have this capability.

A few years after Telegram and other messaging apps, WhatsApp will probably be able to play voice messages faster than usual. According to MSPoweruser  , quoting WhatsAppBetaInfo, ‌ This WhatsApp feature is in the early stages of development.

No screenshots of the new WhatsApp UI have been released yet; But below you can see the icon of this feature in Telegram.

Screenshot to change the playback speed of Telegram / Telegram message

The ability to play voice messages faster than normal is a feature that WhatsApp users have long wanted to add to these messengers. It will probably take several months to provide this feature to all WhatsApp users. Telegram updates typically include a lot of new and very useful new features, but we do not see such a thing for WhatsApp.