run Steam games on Xbox consoles

run Steam games on Xbox consoles

Some users have recently reported that you can experience Steam games using a special method on the trial version of the Edge Xbox browser.

According to the latest game news, users of the Xbox Insider app, which currently has access to the beta version of the Chromium Edge browser on Xbox consoles, have recently discovered that they can log in to the GeForce Now service and experience Steam games.

This could be useful for Xbox users who also happen to have high-speed Internet access, as they can now experience the exclusive games of other consoles or PCs on their consoles using the Chrome version of their Edge browser; For example, Death Stranding or indie games that have not been released on the Xbox and can only be played via Steam. Xbox users will also be able to run services such as Google Studio or the Epic Games Store in their console Edge browser and play games on both platforms through the browser.


However, at least for now it seems that not all games can be experienced in this relatively smart way, as many games on Epic Games or Steam require a mouse and keyboard, and a trial version of the Chrome Edge browser currently only supports the console’s own controller. he does.

In addition, there are already reports on the Internet that Microsoft plans to make its Cloud Gaming (formerly xCloud) streaming service available browser-based and web-based for Xbox consoles. It was reported some time ago that Microsoft is testing a web-based version of cloud gaming for iOS users so that they can stream games and experience the service without downloading the app from the App Store.

Cloud gaming service has been available to owners of Android devices for several months. Users of Apple devices, however, do not have access to the service at this time, as Microsoft has difficulty reviewing and approving apps and games on the iOS platform.

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