RVMedia 6.1 Full Source D5-DX10.3


RVMedia is a suite of VCL and LCL components for Delphi and Lazarus that provide programmers with a variety of video processing capabilities. In RVMedia, it is possible to use the GStreamer and FFmpeg libraries to display video in advanced formats such as H.264. Note, however, that this collection does not include the source code of these two libraries because the copyright of these two libraries is the exclusive property of their owners and RVMedia only uses its capabilities. This set includes various components as follows:

  • TRVCamera Receives video from various sources such as webcams, CCTV cameras, video files and و
  • TRVCamControl Visual component for controlling camera movements
  • TRVCamView Visual component for displaying video from TRVCamera or TRVCamReceiver
  • TRVCamMultiView View video from several different sources
  • TRVMicrophone Read and record audio from microphone
  • TRVMicrophoneView Visual display of microphone activities
  • TRVCamSender Send video over the network
  • TRVCamReceiver Receives videos from the network
  • TRVMediaServer sends data (video, audio, commands, and files) from multiple sources to multiple network receivers
  • TRVTrafficMeter Displays traffic and statistical charts

RVMedia Features and Features:

  •  Receive video from several different sources such as local webcams, CCTV cameras, network video streams, local and remote video files
  • Configure CCTV cameras and control their rotation
  • Read and record audio from the microphone
  • Send and receive video and audio over the Internet
  • Possibility of video chat and video conferencing (either directly or client-server model)

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