RxLib 2.75 Update 1.0.18 for D5-XE10.2 Tokyo

RxLib 2.75 Update 1.0.18 for D5-XE10.2 Tokyo

RxLib is one of the best components of Borland Delphi programming language with additional benefits. This component is free and its source code has been published in full. The RxLib component also works with all Delphi versions. After installing this component, a new trilingual is created in the component palette, which we will examine.

Features and capabilities of RxLib:

  • Visual Components RXControls: There are many specialized editing boxes such as ComboEdit (editing with Speed ​​Button), editing directory names and files (for selecting files and directories), editing dates with calendar window, Currency Edit (for editing currencies and numbers), Rx CalcEdit with a calculator window, SpinEdit for editing numeric numbers, Text ListBox (list with horizontal scroll box), CheckListBox (list box with checkbox), Font Combobox and Color Combobox (for color and font selection), Splitter, Slider, 3D labels, on / off buttons
  • Data aware components RxDBAware: Tools DBComboEdit, DBDateEdit, DBCalcEdit and SQL Script to run some sql commands and Memory Table to create a table in memory. The other components in this section allow you to learn more about the database. (BDEItems, DatabaseItems, TableItems, IndexCombo)
  • Non visual components RXTools: Create hidden TrayIcon icons, MRUManager tool to manage the latest executed files and adjust the toolbar, DualListBox View 2 box lists with the ability to transfer items, WindowHook to press keyboard and mouse buttons, multi-timer to manage Multiple events, FormPlacement and FromStorage to store the position and properties of the form in the registry and INI files,

Installation guide

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Download RxLib_for_Delphi_10.2_Tokyo

Download RxLib 2.75 Update 1.0.17 for D5-XE10.1 Berlin

Download RxLib 2.75 for D5-XE10

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