S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 Enterprise

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S-FRAME is a set of structural design and analysis software used to increase productivity and partnership among project stakeholders. This set includes the following tools:

  • S-Concrete: A tool for designing the cross section and drawings of reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls. The program has a powerful graphical interface that shows design output to design engineers very quickly and allows you to change parameters and view changes quickly. This tool is integrated with S-Frame – another product of this package -.
  • S-FRAME: Comprehensive environment for structural design, modeling and analysis. S-FRAME countless productivity capabilities, advanced analysis tools, variety of material models, flexible methods for load simulation, fast and accurate solver technologies are at your disposal in an attractive user interface.
  • S-LINE: An independent and powerful program for analyzing, designing and mapping integrated reinforced concrete columns. S-LINE has made it possible for different types of sections to check codes and automate design and drawing.
  • S-PAD: This is another tool for designing and optimizing steel structures. Quickly inspect columns and beams without having to build an accurate model. This program was created by a professional engineering team.

Features of S-FRAME software suite:

  • Design of various steel and concrete structures
  • Ability to model and simulate loads imposed on structures
  • Supports various design codes and standards
  • Advanced capabilities for accurate structural analysis
  • Attractive user interface and ease of use of the program features
  • Integration of software packages and their coordination with each other

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

This version was installed on August 10, 1998 in 64-bit Windows 10 and – as shown in the image – has been successfully activated.

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