The Galaxy S21 Ultra camera score on DxMark was lower than the S20 Ultra

S21 Ultra
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The Galaxy S21 Ultra camera score in the DxOMark benchmark has just been announced, showing an average lower than last year’s flagship Samsung.

The DxOMark benchmark and the scores given by it is one of the most reliable sources in the ranking of smartphones, and Samsung’s flagships have made good progress in it every year. However, this year the situation seems to be a little different and the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera score is very disappointing.

Is the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera score a sign of Samsung’s decline?

Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera

It’s been almost a few months since the release of Samsung’s new flagships, and without a doubt one of the best features of its Ultra model is its camera structure and capabilities, with two telephoto lenses and a very powerful main camera. The camera of this device has been able to compete well with its rival, the iPhone 12 Pro Max , but now it seems that a competitor has been found from the past that is taller than the S21 Ultra.

In fact, the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera score in the DxOMark benchmark is equal to 121, which is not only not a good number for this 2021 flagship, but also lower than the Galaxy S20 Ultra released last year, which recorded a score of 126 in the tests of the same benchmark. did.

Looking at the details of this test, we see that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a score of 128 in photography, 76 in zoom and 98 in video recording, respectively. While the Galaxy S20 Ultra scored 128 in photography, 88 in zoom and 106 in video recording, respectively.

If you look closely, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera seems to have a problem with zoom and video recording, which is quite different from what we thought about this gadget; Because the S21 Ultra camera is the best feature that we saw in the introduction of many definitions and comparisons in a few minutes of video. However, it is interesting to know that in the tests taken in DxOMark of this device, we see that it is only one point higher than the average score of the base 20 Note and a few points higher in the zoom section.

Compared to Samsung’s 2020 flagship, the S20 Ultra, there are a few points difference between them, which of course is the reason, and apparently the problem is the ultra-wide camera and telephoto lenses used in this gadget. In a way, the 10% periscope lens used in the Galaxy S21 Ultra has removed the focus from other lenses, and at the same time, has not improved due to lack of coordination.

In terms of video recording, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera score is exactly the same as the low-cost Pixel 4a, and both received 98 points from DxOMark. However, the reason for this low score in tests taken in 4K mode and at a rate of 60 frames per second, is the lack of automatic vibration and stability.

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