Sambo – How to Play?

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Sambo has conceptualized each freestyle wrestling and martial arts and its strategies and wrestling kinds are extra about self-defence somewhat than assault. For Viktor Spiridonov and Vasili Oshchepkov, it took years to develop the fundamentals of this martial artwork and after their departure, the game has been largely conceptualized, improved and perfected by many legendary pioneers of the game.

On this sport, two gamers initially face one another within the ring and completely different factors are there for every profitable grappling or locks. Gamers begin grappling and placing numerous holds on one another until the top. Most codecs of sambo prohibits the participant to strike the opponent to the bottom.


Slightly than quick physique work, it’s agile actions and completely different locking abilities that resolve the winner. Whereas enjoying, if an opponent quits in the course of the submission locks, the participant is said winner. In any other case, the winner is determined on the factors gained by a participant on the finish of the match. There are particular guidelines relating to the period of the holds and locks and for declaring a winner that are defined in guidelines part.

Sambo − Primary Methods

Initially, sambo was developed as a fundamental martial artwork for enhancing hand-to-hand combats. With time, completely different codecs of the artwork has been developed. Largely in all codecs of sambo, the fundamental model adopted is a joint results of wrestling with Judo. Gamers work actually onerous on their leg lock abilities and on floor management abilities. In case of putting, the opponents observe completely different grappling strategies which principally includes takedowns and submissions.

Largely in case of Russian sambo, the fundamental focus is given on ending the match as rapidly as attainable. Presently, there are completely different offshoots of sambo, solely 5 of them have gotten worldwide recognition, that are: Sport Sambo, Fight Sambo, Self-defence Sambo, Freestyle Sambo, and Particular Sambo. Amongst them sport sambo, fight sambo and freestyle sambo has been acknowledged by FIAS.

Fight Sambo

Amongst all codecs of sambo, fight sambo consists of essentially the most aggressive types of wrestling which includes several types of putting and grappling. It was developed to arrange a person for any sort of scenario and survive. It was principally developed and utilized for the navy coaching and permits completely different aggressive strategies like punches, kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts and groin strikes. In Russian navy, fight sambo is employed because the coaching sport for shut combats and for self-defence.

Combat Sambo

It consists of strategies from each sport sambo and self-defence sambo however makes use of them in numerous methods. Fight sambo permits many of the strategies which can be very harmful and prohibited in different wrestling sports activities. The strategies of this format of sambo are very a lot just like fashionable combined martial arts. Gamers in fight sambo put on jackets just like sport sambo. Gamers additionally use extra hand safety and generally shin and head safety.

Sport Sambo

Sport Sambo includes plenty of throwing, floor work and submissions. In case of this format of sambo, it has plenty of resemblance with Olympic Freestyle Wrestling or Judo, however the distinction principally lies in uniforms, guidelines, and protocols. For instance, not like Judo, sport sambo permits a few of the leg locks excluding chokeholds. However compared to Judo, very much less restrictions are there on gripping and holds.

Sport Sambo

Freestyle Sambo

Freestyle sambo was created and added to the game by American Sambo Affiliation in 2004. This format of the game differs from different codecs in case of sure guidelines comparable to choke holds and different submissions like sure neck cranks and twisting foot locks that are allowed on this format. Right here, no strike is allowed and gamers principally give attention to throwing abilities and quick floor work whereas enjoying.

Freestyle Sambo

Self-Protection Sambo

This format of the game is usually used for making ready a person for self-defense in opposition to any sort of armed or unarmed forces. Self-defense sambo has resemblance with Aikijujutsu. That is primarily developed to coach people like financial institution staff and ladies for self-defense.

Self-Defence Sambo