Sambo - Playing Environment

Sambo – Playing Environment

The match takes place on a fight mat which has a dimension of 11×11 meters to 14×14 meters. The mat is made from artificial material and has a easy floor with the thickness of 5 cm or under.

The central floor of the mat the place the bouts are performed and likewise thought-about as the primary working space is a circle with 6 to 9 meters in diameter. The remainder a part of the mat is taken into account as protecting space with a width of two to five meters.


The platform the place the mat is positioned shall be as much as 2 to five meters wider than the mat on each aspect. The entire floor of the mat is roofed with coverlet made from agency tender material or some artificial materials with out tough seams.

The masking should be tightly stretched and fixed. The authenticity and stability of the mat is set by the Chief official, physician, and representatives of the group conducting the competitors.