Samsung Kies / 3.2.16084.2 / 3.1 macOS

Samsung Kies is software for managing Samsung Android phones and tablets. Using this program, you can easily sync your files, transfer images, video files, songs and other files to your computer or transfer them from your computer to your phone. You will be able to view and restore messages, calls, phonebooks and backups. One of the interesting features of this program is the possibility of running the full screen of applications and games on the computer, in fact, the program connects to your phone and instead of working with the phone, you can view your phone applications with the computer and behind the system monitor. You will. The communication channels of this program are USB and wifi.

Samsung Kies also allows you to automatically download and install applications on the phone, in this way, instead of transferring installation files to the phone and installation through the phone, you can easily download the desired applications from the Internet and by this Install the application automatically on the phone. With this program, file management speed will increase and you will be able to master all aspects of your phone from a central location.

Features and specifications of Samsung Kies:

  • Simple and attractive user interface
  • Manage different parts of the phone: phonebook, video files, video and…
  • Ability to sync data between phone and computer
  • Download and install the program from the computer on the phone
  • Communication via usb and wifi
  • Backup and restore SMS, contact list, phonebook and…
  • View phone files on PC
  • Run phone applications on PC

Installation guide

This version is free and does not require a registry.

download link

Download Samsung_Kies_3.2.16084.2

Download Samsung_Kies_2.6.4.17103.1

Download Samsung_Kies_for_Mac_3.1.0.15094_7

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