Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.20061.8 Windows / macOS

Samsung Smart Switch 4.2.20061.8 Windows / macOS

Samsung Smart Switch is Samsung software for transferring information from old phones to new models of the company such as Galaxy. With this simple app you can easily transfer your phonebook, pictures, text messages, contact lists, songs, apps, calendars and events saved, videos and all your old information to your new phone. Most of the time this is hard work and sometimes it is not completely possible without interface software such as Samsung Smart Switch. Use this app for owners of phones from other brands such as Apple, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry and…. It is also possible and users of these phones will be able to easily switch to Samsung products such as Galaxy, S2, S3, Note, Note2 and..

Working with this program is simple in a few steps, first you connect your old phone to the new phone with a USB cable, select the items you want to transfer and finally you will receive all of them in your new phone. The speed of data transfer varies depending on its volume, but you will be notified after the operation. Of course, keep in mind that for some types of data, such as applications, there may be incompatibility issues, for example, the application you are transferring is too old for the new phone and will not be installed, and so on. You. Overall, the Samsung Smart Switch is a safe, simple and fast solution for migrating from old phones to the company’s new mobile phones, and users will be able to do so with just a few clicks without incurring much hassle.


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