6- Kepler’s Laws – Satellite Communication

Kepler’s Laws
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Satellite Communication – Kepler’s Laws

We all know that satellite tv for pc revolves across the earth, which is analogous to the earth revolves across the solar. So, the ideas that are utilized to earth and its motion across the solar are additionally relevant to satellite tv for pc and its motion across the earth.

Many scientists have given various kinds of theories from early instances. However, solely Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was one of the crucial accepted scientist in describing the precept of a satellite tv for pc that strikes across the earth.

Kepler formulated three legal guidelines that modified the entire satellite tv for pc communication idea and observations. These are popularly generally known as Kepler’s legal guidelines. These are useful to visualise the movement by means of area.

Kepler’s First Regulation

Kepler’s first legislation states that the trail adopted by a satellite tv for pc round its main (the earth) might be an ellipse. This ellipse has two focal factors (foci) F1 and F2 as proven within the determine under. Heart of mass of the earth will all the time current at one of many two foci of the ellipse.

Kepler’s Laws

If the space from the middle of the thing to a degree on its elliptical path is taken into account, then the farthest level of an ellipse from the middle is known as as apogee and the shortest level of an ellipse from the middle is known as as perigee.

Eccentricity “e” of this technique might be written as −


The place, a & b are the lengths of semi main axis and semi minor axis of the ellipse respectively.

For an elliptical path, the worth of eccentricity (e) is all the time lie in between Zero and 1, i.e. 00 < ee < 11, since a is larger than b. Suppose, if the worth of eccentricity (e) is zero, then the trail might be no extra in elliptical form, reasonably it is going to be transformed right into a round form.

Kepler’s Second Regulation

Kepler’s second legislation states that for equal intervals of time, the space coated by the satellite tv for pc might be similar with respect to heart of mass of the earth. This may be understood by looking on the following determine.

Kepler’s Laws

Assume, the satellite tv for pc covers p1 and p2 distances in the identical time interval. Then, the areas B1 and B2 coated by the satellite tv for pc at these two situations are equal.

Kepler’s Third Regulation

Kepler’s third legislation states that, the sq. of the periodic time of an elliptical orbit is proportional to the dice of its semi main axis size. Mathematically, it may be written as follows −


The place, 4π2μ4π2μ is the proportionality fixed.

μμ is Kepler’s fixed and its worth is the same as 3.986005 x 1014m3 /sec2


The place, ‘n’ is the imply movement of the satellite tv for pc in radians per second.

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Be aware − A satellite tv for pc, when it revolves across the earth, undergoes a pulling drive from the earth, which is gravitational drive. Equally, it experiences one other pulling drive from the solar and the moon.

Due to this fact, a satellite tv for pc has to stability these two forces to maintain itself in its orbit.

Note − A satellite, when it revolves around the earth, undergoes a pulling force from the earth, which is gravitational force. Similarly, it experiences another pulling force from the sun and the moon. Therefore, a satellite has to balance these two forces to keep itself in its orbit.

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