10- TTCM Subsystem – Satellite Communication

10- TTCM Subsystem - Satellite Communication
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Satellite Communication – TTCM Subsystem

Telemetry, Monitoring, Commanding and Monitoring (TTCM) subsystem is current in each satellite tv for pc and earth station. Basically, satellite tv for pc will get knowledge by way of sensors. So, Telemetry subsystem current within the satellite tv for pc sends this knowledge to earth station(s). Due to this fact, TTCM subsystem may be very a lot vital for any communication satellite tv for pc to be able to function it efficiently.

It’s the duty of satellite tv for pc operator to be able to management the satellite tv for pc in its life time, after inserting it within the correct orbit. This may be performed with the assistance of TTCM subsystem.

We will make this TTCM subsystem into the next three components.

  • Telemetry and Monitoring Subsystem
  • Monitoring Subsystem
  • Commanding Subsystem

Telemetry and Monitoring Subsystem

The phrase ‘Telemetry’ means measurement at a distance. Primarily, the next operations happen in ‘Telemetry’.

  • Era of {an electrical} sign, which is proportional to the amount to be measured.
  • Encoding {the electrical} sign.
  • Transmitting this code to a far distance.

Telemetry subsystem current within the satellite tv for pc performs primarily two capabilities −

  • receiving knowledge from sensors, and
  • transmitting that knowledge to an earth station.

Satellites have fairly just a few sensors to watch totally different parameters reminiscent of strain, temperature, standing and and so on., of varied subsystems. Basically, the telemetry knowledge is transmitted as FSK or PSK.

Telemetry subsystem is a distant managed system. It sends monitoring knowledge from satellite tv for pc to earth station. Typically, the telemetry indicators carry the knowledge associated altitude, setting and satellite tv for pc.

Monitoring Subsystem

Monitoring subsystem is helpful to know the place of the satellite tv for pc and its present orbit. Satellite tv for pc Management Middle (SCC) screens the working and standing of house phase subsystems with the assistance of telemetry downlink. And, it controls these subsystems utilizing command uplink.

We all know that the monitoring subsystem can be current in an earth station. It primarily focusses on vary and look angles of satellite tv for pc. Variety of strategies which are utilizing to be able to observe the satellite tv for pc. For instance, change within the orbital place of satellite tv for pc might be recognized through the use of the info obtained from velocity and acceleration sensors which are current on satellite tv for pc.

The monitoring subsystem that’s current in an earth station retains monitoring of satellite tv for pc, when it’s launched from final stage of Launch automobile. It performs the capabilities like, finding of satellite tv for pc in preliminary orbit and switch orbit.

Commanding Subsystem

Commanding subsystem is critical to be able to launch the satellite tv for pc in an orbit and its working in that orbit. This subsystem adjusts the altitude and orbit of satellite tv for pc, every time there’s a deviation in these values. It additionally controls the communication subsystem. This commanding subsystem is chargeable for turning ON / OFF of different subsystems current within the satellite tv for pc based mostly on the info getting from telemetry and monitoring subsystems.

Basically, management codes are transformed into command phrases. These command phrases are used to ship within the type of TDM frames. Initially, the validity of command phrases is checked within the satellite tv for pc. After this, these command phrases might be despatched again to earth station. Right here, these command phrases are checked as soon as once more.

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If the earth station additionally receives the identical (appropriate) command phrase, then it sends an execute instruction to satellite tv for pc. So, it executes that command.

Performance clever, the Telemetry subsystem and commanding subsystem are reverse to one another. Since, the primary one transmits the satellite tv for pc’s info to earth station and second one receives command indicators from earth station.

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