SautinSoft PDF Focus .Net v7.1.9.17

PDF Focus .Net is designed to help you develop applications that need to convert PDF documents. PDF Focus .Net is quite simple to develop .NET applications for document conversion. To provide the PDF to Word conversion function in a WinForm program, you just need to add the SautinSoft.PdfFocus.dll reference and write 3, 4 lines of code in C # and the program.

Features and capabilities of PDF Focus .Net:

  • PDF documents: The component can read and parse all types of PDF documents, supports PDF documents created by Adobe software and other third-party applications.
  • RTF: Create RTF documents. These documents can run on MS Word, Open Office, WordPad and other processors.
  • Text: There is nothing special in it, but it supports Unicode characters.
  • HTML: Generate HTML5 documents with CSS that are fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla and the W3C authentication service. Another interesting point is that you can create HTML documents with images encoded by the base-64 algorithm. It is possible to convert PDF documents completely to HTML in memory without a file system.
  • Images: Provides many capabilities to rasterize PDF documents to images: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, multipage-TIFF, Bitmap, GIF and, furthermore to “System.Drawing.Image”
  • Excel: Generate Excel 2003 / XLS spreadsheets. The component can find tables even with invisible boards and create an Excel spreadsheet from it.
  • XML: Generate XML files. You can also specify custom files for XML groups.
  • Save time and product development costs

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