SCAD Office (Structure CAD) v21.1.1.1

SCAD Office (Structure CAD) v21.1.1.1

SCAD Office more fully Structure CAD Office is a software package and a new and advanced generation of software systems to solve problems related to the analysis and design of steel and concrete structures. SCAD Office is software created by engineers in this field with the help of a professional programming team. This system includes efficient programs and computational units that can easily solve structural analysis problems. The program constantly updates its user interface and computing capabilities by taking into account customer feedback. This tool includes many programs, some of which we will mention:

SCAD: Integrated System for Structural Analysis Using Finite Element
Kristall: Analysis of
ARBAT Steel Structures : Reinforcement and Inspection of Concrete Structures and Reinforced Concrete
Zapros: Analysis of Foundations and Planters
Comet Structure : Design and Analysis of Metal Structures
Cross Structures : Calculation of substrate reaction coefficient for elastic structures
Sezam: a tool for finding cross sections

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After installing the cracked dll file from the Crack folder to fit your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows in the software installation location.

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