ScaleRichView 8.2 Full Source for D4-XE10.2

ScaleRichView 8.2 Full Source for D4-XE10.2

ScaleRichView is a package of Delphi / C ++ Builder components that uses TRichView and RichViewActions packages. To use ScaleRichView, TRichView and RichViewActions must be installed.

Features and capabilities of ScaleRichView:

  • TSRichViewEdit: Allows you to edit rich text documents in WYSIWYG mode. Display and print in different formats (print A5 documents in A3 format ), page position on the screen, types of document view modes (web mode, draft, etc.), vertical and horizontal lines of the button in the scroll bar area
  • TDBSRichViewEdit: Allows users to edit the database field.
  • TRVRuler: Horizontal and vertical ruler designed for TSRichViewEdit
  • TSRVToolbar: Simplified analog toolbar. Add buttons in the scroll bar area, arrange buttons in rows and columns, have the same width and height, select different images, display image captions at the bottom or top of the toolbar
  • TSRVToolWindow: Displays the toolbar inside the window. Commonly used as a submenu for buttons in TRichViewEdit.
  • TSRVPageScroll: Displays thumbnails for documents created in the TSRichViewEdit component. Thumbnails can be arranged horizontally and vertically, the size of the images is defined in length, mm and page properties.
  • TSRVPrint: Component for advanced printing of documents prepared in TRichViewEdit, automatic adjustment of printer paper size and orientation, printing multiple copies of the page on the same sheet
  • TSRVSkinManager: Allows you to add new skins.
  • TSRVTabSet: Advanced tabbed shell used to run multiple tabbed document interfaces
  • TSRVScrollBar: Scroll bar with shell, this component is used for TSRichViewEdit and may be useful as a separate component.

Installation guide

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