Scanitto Pro 3.19 Multilingual + Portable

Scanitto is a suitable software for scanning images for Windows users. When your scanning tasks are limited, the Windows scanner itself is sufficient for basic tasks, but when it comes to a large number of documents, it is important to choose a professional program that has both a good loading speed and various capabilities for managing incoming documents. Scanitto is software that is designed for exactly this purpose. This program is able to scan a large number of documents at high speed and save them in various formats.

The stability of this software is high and it does not disappoint you during heavy work. This program has been introduced by Microsoft as one of the useful programs and compatible with Office products, and different versions of Windows also host this software without any problems. The document scanned by this tool can be saved in various formats such as PDF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, JP2 and PNG. For quality text documents, this program is able to extract text inside the image and save it in text formats using OCR technology. Pdf documents can be encrypted.

In this program, various settings such as color mode, resolution, document size, brightness and contrast of images can be selected. For example, for documents that are dark, you can get better results by increasing the brightness. To name the files, you can set the program to automatically generate a new name. This naming can be based on the formats you specify, for example adding extensions, prefixes and an automatic numeric list. Input documents can be stored in Dropbox, Drive and اب cloud accounts. You can use this feature to store important documents.

Installation guide

Copy the Loader file from the Crack folder to the software installation location and run it. You must always use the Loader to run the software.

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