Scheduled messages come to the Google Messenger app

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Google Messenger app

Google has added the ability to send scheduled messages to the Google Messages messaging app. This feature is available to all users.

Google lets you plan to send an email via Gmail. Now it wants to bring a similar feature to the Google Messages messaging app.

The Schedule Send feature allows users to schedule their message to be sent to their recipient at a specific time. The Police Android website reports that this feature has been available to some users since November 2020 and will now be more widely available to sub-users of the Android platform.

How do scheduled messages work?

Using Schedule Send is very simple. Just press and hold the send button after typing your message. A box will then appear on the screen allowing you to choose between the date and time ready to send. Of course, there is also the option to set and customize your date. Then click the submit button. When your message is successfully timed, the phrase Scheduled message appears below it.

Scheduled messages in Google Messenger

Users can update or delete their message before scheduling. It is also possible to send the desired message immediately. Of course, to use the ability to send scheduled messages, your phone must be connected to the Internet. Because this is one of the exclusive features of Google Messages application.

Access to this feature relies on server updates; So if you have upgraded my Google Messenger app to the latest version, you should not expect to have access to this feature as well. We expect this feature to be available to more users in the coming days.

This is an attractive feature, but many Android users will be deprived of it; This is because many handset makers prefer to have their personal messengers installed on their handsets. Fortunately, you can install the Google Messages app on your phone and set it as your default messenger.


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