Schlumberger Flaresim

Schlumberger Flaresim

Flaresim is an advanced flame simulation and design software designed  by professional engineers for professional engineers . With this program you can see  the heat radiation and noise footprint produced by the burner system of gas platforms of plants. Refineries and factories  to  modeling not. And predict the temperature of the exposed surfaces of the range. By this software  users can recur tube acoustic recurrence and liquefied gas using range of algorithms   Implement modeling. 

They also can report information on the units to select and  enter , and can the data  on  the unit again at any time to convert.    Flaresim is used to facilitate the design and simulation of vent system piping and flare systems at all stages of the design process.

In the environment of this program, a flow chart is used to show the pipe network directly. Next to this chart, supplementary tables containing all the necessary information and calculated results are also placed. This program is often used to model piping systems related to flare systems.

Features and specifications of Flaresim software:

– Case Study Manager:  With this feature you can “study case” that  the Flaresim the amount of data and record selection can create and  results of studies  to  compare Data for input as to be the values of discrete or increase  of the whole range of the value is. 

– Dynamic Analysis:  With this feature, the ability to determine the course of how flares  varies with time and calculate how radiation resulting from noise and surface  temperature at the time discrete receivers, different from the standard.    

– REFPROP Physical Properties Prediction:  Packaging Physical Refprop at the moment to predict accurately more properties   Fluid  in the availability is .

– KO Drum Sizing:  This allows you to points of knock drama based on the accumulation of fluid and or   Measure the droplets of the minimum carryover size .

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Version 6.0 was installed on January 26, 1998 in Windows 10, a 64-bit version, and has been successfully activated as shown in the image; Version 5.3 was also tested on September 11, 1998.

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